Wednesday, February 05, 2014

bunny ears

Today Suzy was telling Mike a story while he was driving.
"And the chinese dancers 'ate' the food. Dad, I said that with bunny ears. You couldn't see me, so I'm telling you that I used the bunny ears".
Bunny ears = quote/unquote

Sunday, January 19, 2014

a giant tarantula

Suzy and Veronica were sent to bed. this conversation emerged from their room....

Suzy: Veronica put away your coat like mom said.
Suzy: VERONICA! you have to hang it up in the closet. Don't just throw it on the floor. A giant tarantula could move in and we wouldn't even know it  if our floor gets that messy again!

Veronica: what's a tarantula?

Suzy: It's a giant spider. a giant giant spider.

I'm not sure who gave them this idea, but it seems to be working. So I'm not going to be in any rush to correct them about the normal habitat range of tarantulas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tis the season to be... slightly morbid

Veronica has been working hard at the craft table. asking us how to spell things in spite of her inability to write most letters and writing furiously. Finally finished with her project she proudly staples the final product (as all things have to be stapled lately) and presents it to Suzy.

Veronica: Here Suzy, this is a book for you. It's so you can remember me when I'm dead.
Suzy: You can keep it.
Veronica: But it's about us. so you can remember me when I'm dead.
Suzy: I'll always remember you Veronica.
Veronica: Even all the stuff that we did? (great suspicion in her voice)
Suzy: Yes! (so exasperated that her sister would doubt her)
Veronica: But I made the book!
Momma can't take it anymore: Can I have the book?
Veronica: Yes! It's all about me. Read it to me Mom.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Just one parent please

it's a love/struggle time here in the Becksfort house tonight. Suzy and Veronica emerge from their room 30 minutes after being put to bed. This is the ensuing conversation:

Mom: Hey, what are you guys doing out here?
Suzy: Um, I just need to talk to one of you.
Veronica: I need to talk to BOTH of you.
Mom: You need to tell me why you are out here and not in bed.
Veronica: Because Suzy wanted to get out of bed and come sleep out here (gesturing to the living room)
Suzy: NO! I wanted to know if i could go lay in your bed till Veronica falls asleep.
Suzy: yes, you will.
Veronica: No, and you cannot leave because I can not sleep by myself.
Mike: Yes, Suzy go lay on our bed. Veronica go back to your bed.
Veronica: But I can not ever sleep! (cue fake crying)

These two are in a love/bicker/love/giggle/chase/bossy/love/bicker cycle lately. It doesn't help that Veronica took a nap today. I probably does feel like she will never sleep tonight.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Suzy's interests

Suzy has had a hard time as of late. Poor Suzy is not allowed to do 10 year old things. This has become a terrible burden for her to bear. She did not get to go to the Crazy Hair tour with Mom, she did not get to go to the How To Train Your Dragon Live event with Nanny. Why do her big sisters get to do ALL the fun stuff and she gets to do NOTHING?

In my best parenting tactic, I pull out the empathy card. "You know Suzy, Veronica feels the same way you do. She wishes she could do things that 7 year olds get to do".

Suzy swats away this logic, as if it were no better than a pesky fruit fly. Try another tactic mom.

"Alright, would it be fair to make Jillian and Alyssa only do things that 7 year olds can do? Do you want us to limit you to only do things that 4 year olds can do? Veronica is your little sister, she wants to do all the things too. If we make it so that the kids can only do things that everyone can do, that means you will only be doing the things that are appropriate for the 4 year old"

Suzy replies with pure honesty. "You know Mom, I'm not really all that interested in Veronica's life, but I am REALLY interested in Jilli and Ali's".

Ain't that just the way it goes little sister...

Conversations with Veronica

Veronica had her first dance lesson this week. She loved it! I even got a "thank you for taking me to dance lessons today" when I tucked her in that night. score. When I asked her immediately after the class if she liked dancing she informed that that they had not learned any dancing. They learned how to run very carefully. I asked "oh you mean on your tippy toes?" she replied "no mom I used both my feet".

Today, I was doing laundry downstairs and Veronica was playing upstairs at the dining room table. I had just brought up a load of laundry and was heading to their room to put it away when I heard Veronica let out a very loud fart in the dining room. She then proceeded to tell the empty room. "it wasn't me. that was a stinky one and I didn't do it". I'm not sure if it's progress or not that she's no longer trying to blame Casey as she did for about two weeks after we were done dog-sitting for Mike Shell.

My mom was talking with Veronica about the fact that God knows everything and Veronica couldn't help but chime in. "I know everything too Nanny".  *pause* "Do you think he heard that? cause I was just kidding". Well, if we have accomplished nothing else with our fourth child, we have apparently managed to put a little bit of the fear of the Lord in her.

We got to attend a ballet performance of Beauty and the Beast starring our very favorite little Yeazel ladies tonight. Veronica sat on Mike's lap for the entire show. At one point when the village was ready to go after the beast, Veronica turns to Mike and whispers "We should not have come here". Fortunately she made it through to the happy ending and was glad enough to declare "I am glad we came". Suzy even cried a little when she thought the beast had died and was overjoyed after the show that she got to hug Belle. Apparently, Disney is closer to home than we thought :)

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

The last leg of our trip had its ups and downs, first the lake we went to in Texas decided not to be a lake anymore. Our plan was to camp near this beautiful lake in a national recreation area. When we got there we found a deserted and empty valley.

 This lake spanned for miles and is now basically a puddle of its former self. The camp sites were shockingly deserted and the wind was a pretty consistent 20-25 mph. Add all those factors together and you get Becksforts back on the road, headed for a motel.
 We did pass Cadillac Ranch and all the kids signed and decorated with Sharpies. Jillian was doing her best to make some logical sense out of Cadillacs buried in the ground for people to decorate. None to be found dear, none to be found. Just fun.
 This made me laugh out loud. "welp, I don't have a trailer, but I've got this extra truck see, but nobody to drive it for me, guess i'll just fix it up so it all works out"

After we crashed in a Route 66 motel for the night, we got up and headed to Lake Eufaualah or something like that in Oklahoma. They still have water in Oklahoma, so that worked out well. the kids swam in the lake and we had smores by the fire and used glow necklaces and Jillian's sword from Disneyland to have a fun late night there. Ali was just about done with bugs at this point though. There's only so much nature a 10 year old girl can handle and the gross factor (as well as the tired factor) were starting to affect her ability to not freak out.

The next morning we had breakfast and headed out to our last stop before home. We drove all the way across Arkansas and into Tennessee. The main thing we noticed about Arkansas was that the scenery was starting to feel familiar again. Trees, hills, you know, normal stuff. vs deserts, flat flat flat flat cowfields, crazy mountain roads. The other thing we noticed about Arkansas is that they need to rename some of their towns (hello, Toad Suck, Arkansas we're talking to you) and reconsider their restaurant names. The "Pig Out Palace" and "Chair Crushers" (complete with logo of fat person breaking a chair) were two that we decided to skip for lunch.

We made our way to Memphis, Tennessee where we turned south to stay at a Jellystone just across the border in Mississippi. We had heard that Jellystones were great for kids, so we thought it would be a treat for our last night camping. It was a great place to stay. They had inflatable water slides and a great pool. There were lots of playgrounds and other kids too. We were the only tent campers but it wasn't as hot as it had been so we were fine. We camped right next to a pond where there were baby toads and tree frogs all over our campsite. We couldn't have planned a better place for the kids to be entertained.

We had planned a Grand "Last Day" for our adventure. We were going to let the kids play in the morning, have a big breakfast, and then head out to Nashville where we were going to stop at an ice cream joint recommended by Taylor Swift herself. We were then going to head up to Louisville and go see the giant Louisville Slugger baseball bat thing that Mike wanted to do and then drive the rest of the way home.
What ended up happening was: we saw the weather report.

 It was a 40% chance of severe thunderstorms starting at 6am.

 Bleh, who wants to spend the last morning of the trip taking down the tent in pouring rain? so... new plan. We got up at 5, broke camp and were on the road by a little after 6 with pop tarts for breakfast. Now the ice cream place didn't open till noon, so we didn't want to sit in the parking lot waiting for 4 hours so we decided to press on. The more we pressed on and the closer we got, the less we wanted to stop and do other stuff, so we just drove home.

Coming home was precious because we have been blessed with incredible friends. Our house was cleaned, our laundry was done, our fridge was stocked, googly eyes were attached to all sorts of funny things around the house, pictures of Hippie Phil Collins were taped in places to startle us, and all of our silverware was frozen in a clump. My favorite part is that it's not just one friend who is so entertaining and wonderful, it's that God has blessed us with many different friends who bring this fun and blessings to our lives.

We are very glad to be home, but I admit we have put another trip in the 5 year plan again.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Petrified Forest and Painted Desert

We left Phoenix this morning after I made french toast for breakfast. It made me realize how long it had been since i'd cooked. It was such a great break, that it was actually nice to cook again. We drove for several hours and stopped at a rest area for lunch. We were glad we decided to eat when we did because the next rest area was 123 miles away. There was a lot of, shall we say, open spaces today. It was amazing to be able to see so far that we watched storms with lightening while we were in the shining sun. We also got to see several dust devils while we were driving in Arizona. Those were really cool to see too.

 After a while these cacti developed personalities. Especially the ones with two arms. This one had an arm stolen by a coyote and he's kind of sad about it. He plots how to poke the coyote if he comes around again.
 Then you get to sections where you can envision the group dynamics if they were a crowd of people. The ones with lots of tall sections are rastafarians :) or maybe it's just too much time looking at desert that gives one an active imagination....
 This was one of the storms we were watching. Not sure if you can tell or not, but the closer clouds were actually pink on the bottom from reflecting the red desert dirt.
 We stopped by the Petrified Forest and it turned out to be very cool. These trees don't just turn into any kind of rock. they turn into pretty rocks.
 We were surprised by the colors.
 It's a tree, no it's a rock, no it's a rock that used to be a tree. crazy cool stuff.
 Hey Dad, I'm still super cute. You know you want me in that picture.
We also got to see the Painted Desert. The rock layers were just beautiful.
 We actually had really great weather for our visit. A storm was coming so it wasn't super hot.
 Well, then we drove on to see a 600 year old indian village and we were closer to the storm. The wind really picked up then. It was actually chilly, but we ran and saw what we wanted to see. It was very interesting.

 these drawings were on the rocks next to the village.
After that we drove through some rain, stopped at the visitors center so the twins could get their Jr. Ranger badges, and drove to Galllup, New Mexico. We ate at a local mexican restaurant on Route 66 because we felt that we had to have some good mexican food in New Mexico, although we did pass a Taco Bell to get there :) then we crashed in our hotel room and watched HGTV till we could watch no more. Tomorrow we head to a Lake north of Amarillo, TX and begin the last leg of camping to get us home. See you all soon!